Book Review: Beautiful Delusions


One night was all it took. One accident and I could no longer outrun my past. The terror I’d escaped was hot on my trail and the only person I could turn to was the man who’d hurt me the most.


One moment was all it took. One wrong word and she was gone from my life. Fifteen years later, I had a chance to make things right. I could even make Kaylee mine…
If the monster didn’t destroy her first.

My Book Review: 5 Stars

This book grips you and holds you tight from beginning to end. Kaylee suffers from PTSD and when she has an accident, it ends up ruled a suicide attempt. Sadly Kaylee’s family believes that it was a suicide attempt and do not believe her when she tells them what happened the night of her car wreck. I have volunteered in a domestic violence shelter and let me tell you that the lack of belief on the part of the family is very common. I have yet to understand why that is, and how they can behave the way that they do. Ember Raine Winters brings that aspect of an abuse victim’s life to life within the pages of this book. Many abuse victims blame themselves and the actions of the family can help the victim to question their own sanity. I spent most of this book hating Kaylee’s mother for her behavior. Thankfully the mother redeemed herself slightly towards the end of the book. I found the transformation of Kaylee from constant debilitating flashbacks to a strong and courageous woman to be very powerful. She did not simply become this way. 2 things happened to get her there. 1st therapy helped and 2nd her children were in dangerous. Never underestimate a mother when her children are threatened. Even the most timid mother will learn to find strength.  The author showed all of this in a very believable way.

Griffin was great to learn about throughout this book. He had his own demons to wrestle with. Namely a mistake he made as a teenager. I felt sorry for him that his careless words one day defined a lifetime of regrets for him. This aspect of the story really shows that our words have the power to make or break someone else and his words that one day really broke another person badly. It showed though that throughout his adult life he really tried hard to be a good person and to do good for others. Maybe his way of atoning for the mistakes of a young teenage boy.

Overall if you want a story that takes you on a journey of healing, self discovery and love with a lot of mystery and crime mixed in, then Beautiful Delusions is your story. Oh and before you go Ember Raine Winter did a character interview for Trey (Griffin’s brother) you can check it out Click Here.

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