Book Review: Heart of the Pack Part 1-Bitten


Getting attacked by feral dogs in the alley behind the bakery is a crappy way to start my weekend. And it only gets worse when an insanely sexy man tells me I’ve been bitten by a werewolf. Though he’s obviously insanely insane as well as drop-dead hot, I can’t stop myself from thinking about the killer body under his expensive silvery suit… or the secrets in the depths of his ice-blue eyes.

All bets are off. The vicious rogues invading my territory infected a human woman with the werewolf virus. And as civilized as I try to be, I want a taste of that smart tongue and curvy body. Already I scent the change in her: a wildness that makes her a threat to my endangered pack… and at the same time makes my blood sing. I’ll never let the rogues take her. She belongs to us.

HEART OF THE PACK is a paranormal shapeshifter BBW romance serial in seven parts. The stories contain adult language and graphic sexual situations with a dominant alpha male seeking a mate for his pack. Rated M for mature and W for wild readers only.

My Review: 4 STARS

I grabbed this book with my Kindle Unlimited Membership. A couple of things about this book that led me to give it 4 Stars is the fact that the first part of the book moves a bit slow. It took me a few times of starting and stopping for me to get into it. I will say that after the first chapter the pacing in the book picks up rather nicely. The second chapter grabbed me and held me until the end. There were a couple of areas also where I had to reread it to understand what was happening. Nothing major and those moments ended in the second chapter. Now on to the characters. Bettina is not your normal romance skinny mini girl. You know the ones that are perfect and super model types. Nope she has curves and some size to her. I loved that about this book. A less than perfect sized leading female. Her personality also came across as very real. You get the sense that life has not been kind to her and her personality matches someone who has not had it easy but has a such a huge heart. Reeve was an interesting character and he has a very mysterious side to him. Some things he thinks or says, has me wondering just what happened to him in life. The sex scenes I will warn you are steamy. But don’t think this is pure mindless erotica. There as a plot and a strong story going on within this book. I am now off to grab Part 2 in this story. Stay tuned for an honest review of it as well.

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