Book Review: My Mate-Seedling


War, famine, disease, were just a few things that Bennett had to endure in his young life since awaking alone in a dark cell, bound, frightened and thirsty. Bennett was alone until he met Nathan. Bennet had led a lonely existence found Nathan badly injured on the hard ground near by his horse. Nathan wanted to live; Bennett wanted a companion so he changed him. Decades passed as Nathan watched his family grow, all of them finding their other halves, their soul mates, yet he stayed alone or was he only waiting for the right girl to come in to his long lonely life.


My Book Review: 2 Stars

I received an ebook copy of this as a prize during a giveaway. The story started out rather nice and had my attention. Slowly it dwindled down to nothingness. I will admit that I was so disappointed that the story turned out the way it did. First thing I will note is that the story will switch from first person to third person in the same paragraph and sometimes the same sentence. This is not an occasional thing, the more the story goes the more and more it happens. Secondly, it gets where it goes from great story telling to droning on and on. For example the vampires trip to Australia was very droning. We did this, then we did that, then we did this then we did that. Never going into really any details about the events, just a cataloging from one or another of the characters’ points of view. Then we add in Nathan’s mate and instantly it becomes some Dominate/Submissive sexual thing. There was never any overtly described sexual scenes when the other vampires found mates, but instantly when Nathan finds a mate, the second time he sees her, he is bonking her in a bathroom at a mall, then ordering her to buy panties and bras and what color they are. Then threatening her if she disobeys. Then we have the fact that she is living with terrible parents, who at the end of the book, kidnap her and inform her she had been sold and she is to live with her knew husband. Ok so crazy parents, I get that. But the kicker on this was that after they hand cuff her and deliver her to this man, he orders her to cook him and his father eggs and to strip her clothes off. Instead of bulking or trying to get away, she complies with no arguments. Really? A female with special powers and also a vampire’s mate just easily complies when a stranger tells her to strip and cook eggs? The book ends with her in bed with both the guy that bought her and his father. Overall, there were the editorial issues with first person and third person, misused words and it droned on and on with random events and random stuff that led no where. And switched around to where it was one kind of story, then became another type of story and then at the end it ends with a graphic described rape scene.

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