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I am extremely excited to be taking part in the Brain to Books Cyber Con this year. I am scheduled for several book events this year that require me to travel, so imagine my surprise when I discovered a huge book event that required no travel. So with that said, let me thank you for coming over there to my blog. I try to keep it interesting over here, but be patient with me as I continue to build my website and blog. So far I offer book reviews and Friday Flash fictions. My Friday Flash fictions revolve around the prompts of an item, location and era. With that I so far have created 3 Flash Fictions. I try to also provide very honest book reviews that do not contain any spoilers. I really hate spoilers.

My website on the other hand showcase my published books and where you can buy them. Also all my public appearances are on my website. Click Here to see every where that I will be for 2017. I also have a great Reader Program. The Reader Program is for those who have a Kindle Unlimited Membership through Amazon. Each month I list books that are enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program. Readers read those books (they can read as many or as few as they want) and then they come back and fill out a google doc form for each book they read. Each form turned in equals to one entry towards that month’s Prize. I will admit I got started late so only my two books are available for April and the prize is a $5 Amazon Gift Card. I do have some books set up for May that will offer readers more options. My hope is to have a wide variety of books each month and a wide variety of prizes for my readers. Click Here to check it out.

I hope you have enjoyed looking around my blog. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to see the latest book reviews, Friday Flash Fictions and up dates when new books are published. While I have your attention my book The Ghosts of a Centaur is battling it out in the CyCon Cover Wars, please go vote for it. Click Here to go vote.

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