Book Review: Fang and Claw Undead Unit 1


Lieutenant Lacey Anderson of the Dallas Police Department heads up a elite new squad dedicated to solving crimes involving Immortals like herself. Lacey, a Vampire left for dead when her family was slaughtered by Werewolves, still has nightmares about the attack.

Detective Colton Scarber is her unwilling partner and second-in-command. He’s a Werewolf, a descendant of those who killed Lacey’s coven. She’s unaware of this, but she doesn’t trust him from the start. When the fragile beginning of the team is threatened by the truth, can they learn to trust one another as partners must, or will the Undead Unit be doomed to failure?

A mysterious suspect and strange physical evidence leads them to solve a case spanning decades, and leaves Lacey with no other choice but to rely on her enemy when her very life is at stake!

My Review: 4 Stars

I meet Markie Madden when she was at a Women’s Wine and Dine Shopping event. I took one look at the cover of this book and was intrigued. Her daughter told me that if I liked shows like Criminal Minds and such that I would like this book. She was not wrong. I did like this book. When I first open the pages, Madden sucked me into the world of 17th Century Greece. Here I was in Athens, the scene is set in my mind. All the action, the fear, the carnage could all be seen, heard and felt. So I was blown away. The reason I did not give this book 5 stars is that after that first part, the scenes were not as dynamic. She wrote a crime/mystery book using paranormal creatures that had a great story line and plot. I wonder why she backed off the vivid descriptions when it came to the “modern” day crimes. Don’t get me wrong, the story was still very good. Madden also does not seem afraid to buck the norm when it comes to her paranormal creatures. I like that because it is refreshing to see a new taken on old myths and legends. Also her futuristic world is not much different from our very present world today. Auto pilot cars can still be driven manually by the driver, people still eat, tablets are still used as well as normal phones. I like this because I love the world I live in and do not want to see it change too much. As in too much technology is a very bad thing 🙂

Overall, I will say that I did very much enjoy the story. I feel Madden is a talented writer and I can’t wait to see what she gives us in the second book of this series.

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