Flash Fiction 3

It is Friday Flash Fiction time again. The prompts for this Friday’s Flash Fiction were provided to me by Rebecca Totra during the launch party for the second book in the Centaur Agency Seris: The Ghosts of a Centaur. The prompts she provided were item: sweet iced tea, location: expansive second story balcony, location: beach.

Flash Fiction:

She stood on the balcony of her second story hotel room. She watched as another large wave came crashing towards the shore. It roared fast but always to her amazement it slowed. Instead of crashing into the white sand the way one would expect, it gently rolled up on the shore. This huge ocean was different than the rivers and lakes back home. Reaching for glass of fizzy water, she longed for the sweetness of a real iced sweet tea. She had learned that here in Florida no one served a real sweet tea. Such a shame really.

Setting her glass back down on the balcony table, the breeze teased and played with the fringe of her short black dress. Reaching up she removed the headband that held the single peacock feather. Tossing it over the balcony she made her way back into the hotel room. She noticed Jacob’s black suit jacket still laying on the bed. Had it just been a few short hours ago, that her life turned upside down.

She thought she had found love and happiness here in Florida. Ever since she met Jacob she had experienced all the finer things life had to offer. She was no longer the dirt-poor girl from Georgia. Here was the classy, fun loving girlfriend to one of the richest men in Miami. Well she was until last night.

Changing from her short-fringed party dress, she donned her longer more conservative dress. Yes, this is more fitting of a southern lady, she thought.  She still couldn’t believe what happened last night. She told Jacob what she thought would be good news, and the damn Cake Eater walked out on her.  Now she was alone.

Dressed and ready to start her day, she headed towards the beach. Standing at the edge of the white sand she stared into the horizon. Water stretched as far as her eyes could see. Her mind set, she walked into the salty water. With each step forward the water rose higher. Her long dress clung to her bare legs. The wet material began to weigh her down.

Launching herself forward, she swam as fast as she could. She knew if she could get out far enough before another big wave came, the rest would be easy. Her arms began to ache. Stopping, she treaded water and turned back to face the hotel. Even at this distance the hotel was a stunning sight. A testament to beauty and wealth.

It was now or never. No longer treading water, she allowed herself to sink. Her instincts to survive kicked in. Everything in her screamed for oxygen. She pushed those instincts down, letting herself sink further. Around her various ocean life swim around her. It was if they came to this very spot to watch in morbid fascination her demise. Her last fleeting thought in this world was that no one would learn of her shameful secret. Her fall from grace.

1 thought on “Flash Fiction 3”

  1. I can’t believe you killed her!!!!

    She’s in Miami Beach Florida. She should’ve hooked up with a better man.

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