Friday Flash Fiction 2

It is Friday Flash Fiction time again. This Friday’s prompts were provided to me by Kari Chaplin author of Darkness Awakens . Kari Chaplin provided me with the item: bath, location: Arizona, Era: 1850

So with that said, here is this Friday’s Flash Fiction. I hope you enjoy.

December 5th, 1850

He had ridden hard for the last couple of days. Jenny Lind was performing at a hotel in Arizona. He had first laid eyes upon her when he had paid $3 to see her debut performance back in September. Since that night, the beautiful Swedish Nightingale, has haunted his dreams. There as something about her that tugged at his conscience. He must see her again. Time was running out. Tomorrow she would be on a ship sailing back to Sweden. It was now or never.

He slipped quietly into her hotel suite. From the shadows, he watched her rise out of the water. Steam swirled around her naked body. She looked surreal standing in the swirling steam of her bath. Thoughts of water nymphs and fairy tale princesses clouded his mind. He knew though that looks could be deceiving. This was no fairy tale princess. The beautiful, talented Jenny Lind was the devil himself. Waiting a moment longer, he watched as she draped her body in a silk robe. So much beauty.

Moving swiftly, he grabbed her by the shoulders. Staring into her blue eyes, he almost lost his nerve. Maybe the reports were wrong? The was no way this beauty was what they claimed her to be. Her full lush lips spread into a smile. No, the reports were not wrong. A normal woman would be scared right now. This Swedish beauty showed no fear. Swiftly, he pulled the wooden stake from his coat pocket, driving it deep into her demonic heart. Her eyes went wide. Dropping her to the ground, the wooden stake lodged in her chest, he watched in morbid fascination as her body turned to a pile of ash.


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