Friday Flash Fiction

I really love doing flash fiction, so I have wrangled the help of others to give me prompts. Those I have wrangled into helping me will give me an item, a location and an era/timeframe. I will then take those and create a very short little story. This Friday’s prompts were provided to me by Erin Lee Daniels author of Blaque Beauty and the Billionaire. Erin Lee Daniels provided me with the item: mixing bowl, location: Virginia farmhouse, era: 1930s.

So with that said, here is this Friday’s Flash Fiction:

She stood in the kitchen of her dilapidated Virginia farmhouse, stirring the batter in the metal mixing bowl. She was supposed to bake cookies for the church social tonight. She didn’t want to go but her mother was making her. The wooden spoon circled around in the batter, stirring faster, she felt her anger rise. Why was her mother making her go? It had long since been established that she did not fit in with these other women. Most were married already. Those who weren’t married already soon would be.

Not her, though. She knew her looks didn’t even allow her to be termed plain. The women in town never missed a chance to remind her that she was destined to be a spinster. She hated them. However, it would not be polite to let them know how she really felt. So, she hid her feelings behind idle chit chat and fake smiles. Reaching into her apron pocket, she removed a small glass vial. This final ingredient was all she needed to finish the cookies. Smiling she thought about what was to come tonight.

Later that evening, she made her way into town. The fresh baked cookies nestled inside her wicker basket. Being made to go to the church social angered her. The thoughts of what was to come tonight, however, lifted her spirits. Reaching the edge of town, she hummed a cheery tune all the way to the church. Opening the door, she made her way inside. Finding the food table, she set the wicker basket down, it would not be long now. The women always rushed to eat her cookies. She counted on that tonight.

Standing against the wall she watched as the other women chatted and nibbled on the cookies. One by one, they began to grab their stomachs. Her smile widened. Frightful eyes turned towards her. Hysterical laughter bubbled up from within her. Soon now, all her problems would be over. It truly was amazing what a little bit of arsenic could do.

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