Book Review: Heart of the Pack Part 2-Chased



The vicious rogue werewolf who bit me is on the hunt, and my only chance to escape him is with the sexy, brooding alpha male who’s done much more than bite me. I never liked to run–I’m built for baking, not bolting–but being on the run with Reeve isn’t so bad. Especially when he takes me to his mountain hideaway to show me the pleasures of the werewolf I’ll become… If I survive the night fever.


We aren’t out of the woods yet, no matter how deep we go. The vicious rogue pack is on our tail, wanting to claim Bettina for their own, and her lush, curvy body burns with the rising of the moon. The only way out is through, and I’ll be the one to take her there.

HEART OF THE PACK is a paranormal shapeshifter BBW romance serial in seven parts. The stories contain adult language and graphic sexual situations with a dominant alpha male seeking a mate for his pack. Rated M for mature and W for wild readers only.

My Review: 5 Stars

The second book in this Novella did not have the same issues as the first book. So this one gets a full five stars in my opinion. The second book picks up right where the first book left off. No waiting no time elapse. Just right there in the heat of the action. I loved this as it had me turning page after page. Even when the story is not going full on life or death action, the tension and the need to learn more had me turning the pages. Warning the sex is graphic and oh so steamy.

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