Book Review: Heart of the Pack Caught


~ I’m Bettina Tanzer, innocent baker and accidental werewolf…if I survive~

The vicious rogue werewolf who wanted me bound and enslaved has taken Reeve, the sexy alpha prime who ushered me into this sensual, dangerous world. Now I am Reeve’s only chance. But first I must find his pack of solitary alpha males, hidden in the mountains. They are going to hate me for betraying their alpha prime and leaving him in a madman’s claws, but I’ll do anything—anything—to save him.

Even if it means embracing the wildness I never knew I wanted…

HEART OF THE PACK is a paranormal shapeshifter BBW romance serial in seven parts. The stories contain adult language and graphic sexual situations with a dominant alpha male seeking a mate for his pack. Rated M for mature and W for wild readers only.

My Review: 4 Stars

After reading the second installment of the Heart of the Wolf Pack: Chased, I was hooked and ready to find out what happened next. This installment however, I found droned on a bit too much. While slower pacing can help to balance out the action packed scenes to me this one went a bit too slow. Don’t get me wrong though, it did help to set the scene and explain a few things more about the story. Also you get to meet Reeve’s pack of alpha males. Each has his own personality and quirks. Which was great. I have seen other stories where the werewolves all seemed to be cookie cutter with no distinct personalities. It was refreshing that Elsa Jade ensured that all of her characters had distinct personalities. Even in wolf form they were all unique. I don’t want to give any spoilers away so I will tread carefully here with my review. 1st Elsa changed up the perceptions of some werewolf myths and created her own unique werewolf pack dynamics. To me this was great. I love when a writer changes preconceived notions of mystical creations and does so in a way that works. Some authors do this and it doesn’t work. Elsa Jade is one that makes it work. Secondly, her werewolves were more shape shifter into big strong wolf type werewolves and not the 8 foot big claws monster werewolves. Be prepared for some unique takes on werewolf packs and get ready for some very hot steamy sex. I will admit a moment or two felt like sex just to add sex to the story versus natural sex. But that is just my own personal opinion on the story. Look for the next review as I read the rest of the installments in this series. Oh before I go, make sure you understand that these are very short Novellas and not full length books. Each installment picks up where the last one left off.

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