Lexington Legendary Book Bash

I know I am very late posting about the Lexington Legendary Book Bash. However, things have become very hectic. First off while I was out of town, hubby decided to do a complete remodel of our house. Guess what? You can not completely remodel a house in a week. It is impossible. So I have been at my mother’s for over a month now. House is coming together finally in the sense that it now has drywall up, but that is about it. So anyways on to the awesome event that I attended July 8th, 2018 in the beautiful city of Lexington, KY.

The Lexington Legendary Book Bash was hosted at the Hilton Suites by the talented Michelle Areaux. You can check her out on her website at http://www.michelleareaux.com

This book signing was a fun experience for me. I took my 17 yr old son with me who helped me drive there and back along with setting up my table. I felt like this was a total success in terms of what an author can expect at a book signing. First off I meet and got to network with several authors who span multiple genres. To me this is huge, because I always walk away with new ideas that I can apply to my own career. Secondly, I meet lots of new potential readers. Now some people might be wondering how many books did I sell at this event. Well let me tell you that honestly  I did not sell a single book that day. That is ok though. Because I did meet people and get to engage with them. To me that equals a successful signing event.

I also did what any avid reader does when at a book signing. I bought books. Yep you heard me right. I went on a shopping spree that day. I did also learn to take a bigger purchasing budget with me to my next event. Just so many books to choose from. ­čÖé

Now for the fun part. I did sell two books the very next day at breakfast. I sat down to have breakfast with my son and the waitress came over and asked if I would sell her a copy of my book. I left my son sitting there while I ran back up to our room and grabbed her a copy. Back in the breakfast room I was signing her copy when here comes one of the waiters. He asked me lots of questions about my work and truly seemed interested. He then asked if he could buy a copy for his wife. I ran back upstairs and grabbed him a copy. In the end my breakfast was cold but I was truly happy to have gotten my books into the hands of two brand new readers. So worth the cold breakfast in my opinion.

So there is my short and sweet account of my signing at the Lexington Legendary Book Bash. If you want exclusive content that will not be seen on my social media, website or blog please check out my patreon page at www.patreon.com/asmcgowan

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    1. It was a blast. I even managed to attend an outdoor Cuban concert while I was there. The house sadly is still not done. Hubby did not estimate appropriately how much time this project would take. Maybe another 3 weeks? I will believe it when I see it. LOL

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