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With his first book, "Zombie Turkeys" Andy blazed new ground in paranormal humor. The second book in his Life After Life Chronicles, "My Undead Mother-in-law" is now on sale for Amazon Kindle and Createspace print edition.

Andy Zach was born Anastasius Zacharias, in Greece. His parents were both zombies. Growing up, he loved animals of all kinds. After moving to the United States as a child, in high school, he won a science fair by bringing toads back from suspended animation. Before turning to fiction, Andy published his Ph.D. thesis "Methods of Revivification for Various Species of the Kingdom Animalia" in the prestigious JAPM, Journal of Paranormal Medicine. Andy, in addition to being the foremost expert on paranormal animals, enjoys breeding phoenixes. He lives in Illinois with his five phoenixes.

Zombie Turkeys:

Sam Melvin, an underachieving e-reporter from a small town, changes forever when he meets turkeys that won't stay dead. You can shoot 'em, chop 'em, burn 'em—they come back stronger. The undead plague of poultry spreads uncontrollably, rocking the whole country. As Sam tracks down the zombie turkeys and how to eradicate them, his editor, Lisa Kambacher, nags him to turn his stories and expenses in on time. During their years of working together, Lisa has mellowed from bitchy into an irascible pinchpenny.

Lisa snipes at Sam for plebeian writing but uses her intelligence to pursue the lucrative carnivorous turkey story. Sam and Lisa ricochet across the landscape, tracking turkeys and fleeing the bloodthirsty hordes. Careening from shell-shocked grocery store owners fighting turkeys crawling out of refrigerators, to machine-gunning turkey farmers, to secret militia, Sam and Lisa doggedly report. Throughout the turkey apocalypse, they dare ravaged cities, plow knee deep in gore and corpses, and upload streams of zombie turkey video news to the world.

With paranoid militias clashing with the federal gover¬¬¬nment and unkillable turkeys, Sam and Lisa doubt their ability to survive. Sam and Lisa have no superpowers. If you have a heart condition or lack humor, you should not read Zombie Turkeys, no matter how much you want to find out what happens.

5* Amazon Reviews

-‘He felt great. He was full of energy, he had many hens to breed with, and he was the leader of a great flock.’Sam Melvin is a reporter with the Midley Beacon, it’s a tiny local paper - with an online presence - run by its penny-pinching editor Lisa Kambacher. When Sam sees the two turkey hunters on the slab in the local mortuary, he knows he has a story to cover and he sets out to do so with great gusto. As the zombie turkeys multiply, Sam and Lisa are the leading media team on the ground and the Midley Beacon goes international, solving their financial woes and syndicating their work across the globe. But it’s not all good news. After all, there are those people-killing zombie turkeys heading into town…This was a book I picked up with trepidation as it seemed all too possible it would be a ‘one trick pony’ stretching a single joke to beyond breaking point across the length of an entire novel. Wrong! It is like a bowl of potpourri on the sideboard of life - lots of subtle blending examples of humour - many of them very American so I suspect there were even more than I noticed, handicapped by my British perspective. This is a book that takes ironic comedy to a whole new level - maybe ‘steelic’ comedy…? Humour is a very personal thing, but this book hit me right on the funny bone.‘Wanted badly: .30-06 carbine. Will trade hunting dog or wife for it.’-

-Zombie turkey takeover. This was a really cute book about turkeys turning zombie due to an infection that initially started in wild turkeys and spread to turkey farms. Due to genetic mutations in these zombie turkeys, they become wildly aggressive and kill anything they can spur or peck to death. Trouble is they can't be killed easily. They can grow back heads, limbs, etc. and the flocks keep growing and growing. This becomes a great story for a reporter named Sam of the Midley Beacon. He and his editor Lisa chase the growing flocks of zombie turkeys that are coming from Illinois farms to get stories on the havoc they are wrecking. Lots of people are killed and through trial and error people discover that fire and salt water can stave off these flocks of fury. But despite efforts to contain and kill these turkeys, the numbers keep growing until the national guard is called in to help exterminate this epidemic. The author crafted a pretty good story as to how the turkeys became infected and wove in a bit of romance here and there. All in all it was a good read but it didn't tie up as nicely as one would hope at the end but that's because there is a book two.-

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Want the inside scoop on how to survive a zombie turkey invasion? Head over to Andy Zach's 3 Steps to Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse blog posting.

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