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A budding author, Brhi has been writing ever since she could put pen to paper and daydreaming in every spare second.C A L I G A T I O N, her first published novel, is an urban fantasy about a young man lost in a strange city – the likes of which he never could have imagined – while he tries to dodge unnatural threats and search for a way home.She is currently beginning a new profession, but decided 2017 was the right time to brush the dust off Caligation and deliver it to an audience.

In her spare time, Brhi enjoys reading, video games, tabletop RPGs, going for long, solitary jogs and music.


//Darkness closed in on him like a pack of hounds. Buildings passed, warehouses, factories; shadows of silent windows disturbed every so often by dim light, taunting him.// A city of the bizarre and the unfamiliar, inhabited by monstrous beasts and people with unnatural gifts. A city of tall glass spires mingling with old gothic architecture, where wild animals roam alongside the populace. This is where Ripley Mason awakens after the car accident. University dropout, casual drinker, and newly fledged hitchhiker, Ripley is tired of the daily grind of study, drink, repeat. Only halfway done with a degree he never chose, Ripley heads north to see if life won’t throw him something less monotonous. Early into his journey, Ripley suffers a brutal car accident and awakens in a rundown hospital. Nervous, he ventures into dark, unfamiliar streets and comes face to face with horrific beasts. Thrown into a world of supernatural fantasy, Ripley fights to discover where he is, how he came to be here and, most importantly, if he can even get home. //Ripley was still staring at the wallet in his hands. The clinic – as he had found out the place was – had graciously returned it to him. The problem was, it wasn’t his. There was no identification, no cards, nothing. Just some strange currency he didn’t recognise…// All he knows of this place is a single word: C A L I G A T I O N

5* Amazon Reviews:

-I adored this book. Just enough mystery and allure to keep you reading without being confusing. The setting is wonderful and elaborate and I’d love to hear much more about the city and the people who inhabit it. Definitely a solid read, a wonderful story and great debut… would certainly recommend to anybody interested in fantasy, sci-fi, or even just a good old-fashion urban mystery-

-I found Caligation to be an intriguing read. I mean, how scary would that be if you entered a place you didn’t know, and there was no way out. The fog is the barrier keeping you in. It’s a bit like a ‘Wayward Pines’ scenario, whereas you can enter, but you can’t leave…or Purgatory, even.There are some great characters supporting our main guy, Ripley, and some rather strange individuals. Zero was a good, but strange allie to have. I love the whole ‘part animal, part human’ side. People with tails and jagged teeth, walking along looking at you as if you’re the strange one.The story was well thought out, and dialogue was easy flowing. I can’t wait to read more of this author’s work. A good first novel, if I do say so myself. And I recommend it to those of you who like, what I would call an ‘Urban Fantasy’. Although, some may disagree.-

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