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I’m D.C. Fergerson, author of The Wicked Instruments series and frequent contributor to the Art of the Arcane blog. I love talking about worldbuilding and teaching the basics, using entertaining and modern examples.

The Singer and the Charlatan

Deep in the heart of Newland, the song of a bard will rise up and lead an unusual band of travelers on a ridiculous, incredible adventure.

Leanna Moonbody has big dreams and even bigger plans. Not content to merely play for coins on the streets of Kingsfield, Leanna has her eyes on the horizon. With plans to move to the music capital of Saul and spend her days singing at the amphitheater, Leanna packs her bags and takes off on the journey of a lifetime. Along the way she will be joined by a motley crew of adventurers who are as hilarious as they are haphazard.

With a precarious trickster in their midst, Leanna’s simple move turns upside-down as she and new pal Priestess Trixi make their way to Saul with a following in tow. Dodging lovesick stalkers, deranged halflings, and gathering adoring fans as they go, Trixi and Leanna take off into the sunset, ready to make their dreams come true in the most ridiculous ways possible.

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5* Amazon Reviews:

-Over the years, I have read many books. Some obviously far greater than others. All of those, however, have been by established authors with a great number of literary works to their name. That being said, I just finished up The Singer & The Charlatan, and was extremely impressed by it. As the first book Mr. Fergerson has released, it definitely sets an excellent precedence for his future works.The characters are easy to relate to, well developed, and come with their own unique quirks. I found myself likening them to my own group of friends, and found that it fit very well.The story moves at a steady pace, and keeps you curious as to what will happen next. For those tabletop gamers out there, you will definitely get a sense of sitting around the game table, waiting for the next roll of the dice.The story does an excellent job at bringing out emotions. There were many times where I busted into laughter from the antics the party got into. Yet, at the same time, there were at least two moments where I sat back and reflected on the sadness I would feel by being put in their situation.All in all, I’m highly impressed with the work, and look forward to the second book’s release next year!-

-I seldom read books of this genre but found this very interesting. The characters were unique and intriguing and well developed. There was some graphic crudity but the rest of it kept you going to see what was going to happen next! The story was definitely different and through the whole book you wondered who this amazing female magical guitarist is. That was the only thing that bothered me…the ending…so OF COURSE I have to buy the next book in the series when it comes out! Lots of action, magic.-

-Great book, extremely memorable characters and moments…..dont eat the apples 😀-

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