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Harley Flamez , was born on September 28th 1976 as Stephanie Lynn franks which changed to Bradley a few years later due to an adoption)Born in Ocean Springs Mississippi.
She was Raised in Milton Florida where her family is originally from.She has had a love for music and writing since a small child.Writing is her passion from song lyrics, poetry and stories/books but singing is just something that always followed her around. She was always humming to herself and singing out loud or just in her head as a child.Harley Flamez also mixes and produces music and is very versatile with her music .Her music genres range from but are not limited to :Rock,Alternative,Soul,Blues,Electronic,Dubstep,country etc.Harley has been inspired by many different artist over the years here are some just to name a few:John Lennon, Madonna,Janice Joplin,Kristy Lee,Step Calahan,Jewls Parker,Jewl,Carrie Underwood,Pink,Juliette and the Licks,nora jones,Billie Holiday,Marilyn Manson,Joss Stone,Adele,Paula Cole,Alantis Morreset,and many more.

Harley finds peace in her music and writing and has since she was very young, being a lonely child she had to use her imagination and when she did it just took off and the sky was the limit and is still very much like that today.Harley lost her mother to a terrible car accident in 2006 which sent her into a dark place becoming someone no one knew anymore she didn’t even know herself for a few years but, she forced herself out of it doing what she always promised her mother and that was to write and to sing, harleys mother always felt that she was very talented and that the world should at least hear her and what she had to say so Harley began to use her talent as a type of self therapy and low and behold it has worked!

Harley is a mother herself and has very talented children as well.

Harley Flamez is a woman of great passion and very librial, and feels strongly about human rights and animal rights.she expresses herself through her music on many different levels even sensuality, Harley Flamez says there’s no shame in her game sexuality is part of nature in every living thing and being naked is beautiful clothes hide what is of our natural being she says.

Harley Flamez has co written and wrote songs for other musicians and loves to work with other artists.She currently has several writing projects in the works and are awaiting Publication.Harley Flamez says “she might be different, even a bit crazy to some but she says that is what makes her Unique, and she will continue to share her love for music and poetry with whoever will listen.

Who I Am

This is a poetry book for youth and some adults to relate to. For those who suffer or have suffered from any sort of traumatic experience or mental or emotional disorders. It is to show that you are not alone. Book contains deep , painful poetry of different emotions and situations. From self harm , to being bullied, to depression etc..Reaching out to teens and adults. All ages for that matter.

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