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After forty-five years in the fact-based scientific information business, I retired to the sunny Southwest and began writing fiction. My short story, Natural Causes was published in the anthology, The Darwin Murders, and Say Cheese appeared in Tasty Murders. Another story, Princess Petra, appears in the  anthology, The Way Home.

The Crimson Orb, the first novel in the Crystal Odyssey series of high fantasy novels, was published in mid-June 2014 by the Phantasm Books imprint of Assent Publications. Searching for her mysteriously missing magic teacher, the wizard Madoc, teenage Nissa’s adventures reveal how little she knows about her world, and how resourceful she can be.

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A Bite of the Apple: Portal Adventures Book 1

Anabet Haines has dreamed about traveling from the family farm to the exotic places her Aunt Gillian described over the years, so when her aunt recruits her as the next portal traveler, Bet jumps at the chance. In the capital of Nokar, Bet begins her training. But when circumstances force Bet to travel alone with little training and equipped only with an ornamental knife and four enchanted apples, Bet must use her wits to retrieve a stolen portal key in the intimidating world of The Big Apple. Has she bitten off more than she can chew? This fantasy novella is filled with a variety of characters and locales. The action escalates as Bet learns what it takes to be a successful portal traveler.

5 * Reviews on Amazon:

-Ms. Hertzoff’s second book, A Bite of the Apple, is a great fantasy book for older children and younger teens. The main protagonist, Bet, (short for Anabet) is a lovely older girl/young woman who, while she loves her family and their farm, yearns for adventure. Well, she gets her wish in a manner she could never have imagined. Her Aunt, a portal traveler, has decided that it’s time for Bet to begin her training — and that’s where things get interesting. Through the workings of fate, Bet finds herself alone, on an alien world, filled with things she never imagined, and it’s up to her to find the solution to the issue that got her there in the first place. Written in the first person, we see that world through Anabet’s fresh eyes as she continues with her adventure. This is an excellent read for older children and young teens, particularly girls who might yearn for adventure.-

-Joyce has created an interesting realm for her portal characters. The story is fast-paced and fun. A sweet YA story that I hope she continues!-

-A delightful YA fantasy adventure. The protagonist, Anabet, is cast into the “deep end of the pool” with a mission she is ill prepared to accomplish. She relies on her sharp wits and help from new friends to navigate in a strange new world.-

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