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Karina Kantas is the author of the popular MC thriller series, OUTLAW and the loved romantic fantasy, Illusional Reality She also writes short stories and when her imagination is working over time, she writes thought provoking dark flash fiction.
There are many layers to Karina’s writing style and voice, as you will see in her flash fiction collection, Heads & Tales and in UNDRESSED she opens up more to her fans, giving them another glimpse into her warped mind. When Karina isn’t busy working on her next best seller, she’s designing teasers, book trailers, recording audio or videoing small readings and then working on Twitter and FB posts. Karina writes in the genres of fantasy, romance, sci-fi, horror, thrillers and comedy. Her inspirations are the author S.E.Hinton and the rock band Iron Maiden. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter, where she loves hanging out with her readers.

Titles to date:

***The OUTLAW series***
In Times of Violence
Lawless Justice
Road Rage

Heads & Tales

Stone Cold / YA supernatural thriller
Illusional Reality / romantic fantasy

In Times of Violence Young Adult Edition

Jade had been sheltered most of her life. Living in an isolated village with only sex and drugs to entertain. Her mother is an alcoholic and her father doesn’t give a damn.
Her only way out is to beg her Aunt to allow her to stay as a guest in their London house.
Jade meets fate head on in the form of Marcus, president of the Tyrants MC. She finally finds a family that loves and respects her and they are not BLOOD. Nothing comes easy to Jade and she is forced to fight to keep her title and status. Then just when life starts to go right, one-night changes everything.

5* Amazon Reviews:

-This book was an interesting and relatively quick read about a motorcycle gang and the different ways that joining it impacted a young woman’s life. It follows both her and those she grows to care for, ending with a much more grown up look on life than the character starts with. It is a love story, but it is also a story of wanting desperately to belong and not knowing how. Finally, it is a story of a young woman coming of age in a world where there is no longer a way to know if you have truly come of age and her decisions to find a way to make her life seem as though it mattered and find a family she understood. It is a good book and I would recommend it for those looking for drama or adventure of the more realistic kind.-

-This is my first book by Karina Kantas and I found it well-written and true to life. This is a quick read about a young woman who wants to escape her farm life looking for excitement. She ends up joining a motorcycle gang. I think this story is about self-discovery and what makes a family. This is really a very good story that you won’t want to put down. It was thought-provoking. I thought it very realistic in story and feeling. There are ups and downs just like life. I will be reading more from this author.-

-Having not read anything in this genre, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Jade, the main character, is flawed like the rest of us, leaving her unhappy home to find her niche in the world. Attracted to the leader of a biker gang, she makes herself known to him, gradually gaining a place as his girlfriend. The life they lead is fascinating, and she is accepted as one of the family, giving her the confidence she has always wanted.The story takes place over a period of time, and love, betrayal, and danger run throughout. I like the way Ms. Kantas weaves her spell, one that will have you looking forward to the next book in this series.-

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