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Lacey Roberts is a new twist on an old woman, so to speak. Due to people’s opinions and what I wish to write, I’ve chosen this identity, not as a means of hiding, but as a means to break free and write something – well, lets just say “fun” for now.

“Pure sexual reality!”

James Rutledge is the kind of man that never hears the word “no” and that’s the way he likes it. He’s sexy, charming, ridiculously successful, and women find it impossible to turn him down.

Until he meets the driven Pierce Moore.

Pierce is a woman who isn’t afraid to tell James “no”. In fact, she does, repeatedly. She is on a mission to conquer the world and a man like James, reminds her too much of a past she does not want in her future. Unwilling to let anything get in her way, Pierce is on the road to success until circumstances force her to make an unfortunate decision:
walk away from her golden opportunity at the firm or work side by side with James.

Yet, as hard as Pierce tries to hold firm to her resolve, it isn’t easy when James is seducing her every step of the way, and she’s enjoying it.

5 Star Reviews:

-This book is aptly titled, I was Hooked from beginning to end.I love duel p.o.v books, but I didn’t feel this book lacked anything because it was only written from Pierce’s point of view.I would have liked to know why the eyeliner, that’s the only thing I felt left hanging on, for the rest it was a great read.This was my first Lacey Roberts read but I will be looking into what else she has available.-

-I loved the characters almost as much as the steamy scenes! The characters are what can make or break a book for me so I’m glad that they felt real in this book. It seems like a lot of romance writing doesn’t bother with character building so this was a pleasant surprise for me. Pierce and James were both REAL to me and that’s what made this book so good. I’m hoping that there will be more from the author in the future.-

-Lacey Roberts’ debut novel is everything I had hoped it would be. Well-rounded characters, compelling plot line, romance and plenty of steam.
Looking forward to reading more from this promising author!-

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