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Writing has always been a hobby and cathartic experience for me. Turning my passion into a fulfilling career as an Author has been one of my greatest dreams. The Halfling was penned during 2016, a novel where fantasy meets self-discovery.

The Halfling Book 1

There are three things I know are certain in my life. Firstly, I am a cursed halfling—part faerie, part human. Another thing I know is I hate faeries. They are deceitful, evil, and conniving.
The third thing I know—and it is a certainty—nothing is guaranteed in this life, including your sanity, your family, and your world as you know it.” – Eliana

Eliana finds herself propelled into a world she longs to stay away from; a world where nothing is what it seems. In a race against minds, she must master her magic and fight an unimaginable darkness, stretching throughout the realm of Grandelione. The same darkness that cursed her mother and, now, her half-brother is laying dormant in her too.

It grows stronger with each passing day.

Left with two options, she must choose to fight and bring peace back to Grandelione or plunge into a world of darkness and murder.

Can she learn to harness her magic and bring peace back to Grandelione and her family?

Or will the darkness within consume her?


5* Amazon Reviews:

-My first impression of this was WOW!! The use of mythology and fae was marvellous! I cannot stress this point, WOW just WOW! Aimed at teens, but I can say you could pick it up and lose yourself in this fast paced, action packed book. A little about what is a Halfling. In Melissa North’s book, a halfling is a person born of a fae (fairy) and human. The main character is a Halfling, and she is cool. Someone to look up to, as she needs no man to save her! She’ll save the men, and she does a few times (oh, spoiler).Even if it is targeted for young’uns, the emotional roller-coaster is there. It asked some serious questions, which makes you as the reader think and wonder why certain things happen. Unless you read the book in full, you will never know!I would wholeheartedly ‘demand’ that you should buy this book. The pace, the story, characters, lore, magic, and even dragons are all excellent. A must read or a perfect present for someone who loves fantasy!-

– Eliana has family problems. Big family problems. Problems so big they threaten all of the faerie realm of Grandelione, possibly even spilling over into the world of men.Not only that but she has great evil in her. Evil that dares to surface and control her actions as it has in the past.Struggling with abandonment issues, lies and the resultant hate and mistrust, she must put those feelings aside for the greater good. After all family isn’t perfect, family relations take work.Grandelione is a masterfully realised fey realm, packed with faeries, trolls, and other fantastic creatures that you have read about before, and some you haven’t. You never know what is around the corner and what it’s intentions are. The realm of the fae is just as much of a character in this gripping tale of good vs evil (and even evil vs evil) as the companions themselves.Surprising revelations abound in this tale. Shocks, twists and turns, all beautifully paced with a thrilling climax at the end that commands you to keep reading as much as any Wizards spell or Fey enchantment could ever do.-

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