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I survived 40 stolen years that I should never have seen, to be rebirthed in a hospital of the heart, and unleashed upon an unsuspecting public thirsting for intelligent, dramatic fulfillment…Despite the uniqueness of my medical condition – I only have half a heart – I’m really just an ordinary guy with a soaring personal passion for certain of the elements that make up the tapestry of life; writing, music, working, writing, reading, football, more writing.I scrawl, doodle, scribe, sketch words into images, and write constantly.
I also have literary tourettes, which is fine until your audience changes. If you get that, you’re already there. Oh, and I absolutely love spreadsheets – is that normal? And I love to learn. Oh, how I love to learn. I am constantly expanding my output of literature and creativity. Feel free to contact me, by any media. All writing projects considered, and I will always reply (my parents brought me up proper, like).

Outside of working like a madman, I take an active interest in the lives of our daughters and son, like to read extensively, and listen to music.
I particularly like embracing new ideas, experiences and challenges. So far I have written novels, a large body of poetry, short stories and have several scripts underway, with an eye to future publication. I am also a lyricist, working with local musician Paul Grant.
Last but not least, I pen several blogs; Premiership football as Dobbie Savage, ballroom dancing elf; Trope News, as Andy Knobshank, and ‘The Gardens’, as myself, modern philosopher.

I hope you enjoy wandering through the world that I live in

Black Eyed


Black-eyed is a murder mystery set in the unique fantasy world of Corlandia, a completely realised pangea of Earth’s future. Mixing elements of religion and monarchy in a wide-ranging novel of adventure and subterfuge, it begins the nine novel series Corlandian Ballads, detailing the events and adventures of Corlandian characters across the super-continent. In Black-eyed, Dragan, the King’s MasterSpy, is attacked in a night-shrouded alley; beating off his attackers he thinks no more of it. The following day he discovers one of the King’s men murdered. Believing it the work of the Church – the Throne’s age-old adversary – he investigates. That night he has another meeting with his attacker – this time he rescues a stranger – Gondo – from certain death at their hands; once again the mysterious attacker escapes. Dragan puts his organization to work trying to unravel the deepening mystery. A major blow comes as Dragan’s mentor and superior is murdered in a devastating blast within the fastnesses of their camp. As the plot deepens, Dragan, secret heir to the Throne, must not only safeguard the life of his twin brother Gondo, but also face his greatest challenge, and accept the birthright that he has turned his back on for so long. Gondo must stay alive long enough to win the heart of the mysterious Marianne. Yet Marianne has secrets of her own.
Against them; the Church, led by Archbishop Archer, and a splinter group of his own operatives, working to their own ends for the strange Master, Eldar. Led by Bishop Zia, the King’s daughter, the small group of fanatical betrayers are working towards the downfall of both the Archbishop and the King. With the King on his deathbed, the race is on to unravel the mystery before the Kingdom is plunged into anarchy and chaos.
Dragan and a small group of King’s men save Gondo, destroy the Church’s traitors, and dismay Eldar’s designs. However, Dragan pays the ultimate price. Gondo takes up the mantle of his birthright, uniting the country by marriage to Marianne, revealed as the head of the real power of the Church – the mysterious Inner Sanctum.

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