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Trudy Robicheaux is a Louisiana author, novelist, and poet. She is from a small, rural town in central Louisiana, along the Atchafalaya River. Trudy began writing in 2010 as an outlet to manage the stress of such a change in her life.Trudy Robicheaux, is an Indie author, published through Amazon, “Parish”, a short story trilogy novella, accounting the grim tales of abused women in Louisiana. A portion of her proceeds from this work is donated to victims of domestic violence. On February 29th, 2016, she took a step from Indie Author and under the press Strawberry Publications, Trudy released book one of her TWO HOT MAMAS series, Cajun Delight. Two Hot Mamas is a Christian Fiction/Romance Mystery. There are at this time ten books in the series with”There’s Something In The Water” to be released in the near future.

Some of Trudy’s writing awards include:
Famous Poets Institute, Certificate of Excellence; Poetry Contest “Tears Fell Down”
Famous Poets of The Heartland, semifinalist; Poetry Contest ” Don’t Cry For Me”
Eber & Wein Publishing, semifinalist; Poetry Contest “Worker Bees”

Future releases for Trudy Robicheaux are:
Dauphine’s Palace (Wattpad) Novel
A Nobleman’s Tale YA
Sunny Dawn Farm children’s book series

Two Hot Mamas: Cajun Delight

When a dead body winds up in the Bayou of Port Bluff, Louisiana at the Cajun Delight restaurant, owned by Bette and Elvy Deaville, it puts these twin sisters at the top of the suspect list. Any and everyone is suspects as these twin sisters set out to prove their innocence.

Bette Deaville has recently cashed in on her divorce and has done quite well for herself. Now that her funds are slowly diminishing, she is thinking of a way to keep her new lifestyle afloat. Elvy Deaville is the unraveled twin. Living life carefree and truly for the moment, she’s no stranger to lying, cheating, and stealing by any means to make ends meet.

Cajun Delight was established when Elvy hits big at the Hopewell Indians Casino. To their surprise, it’s a winner. A sure-fire money-maker. When they encounter a dead body these Two Hot Mamas find themselves in over their heads, and the gossip of Port Bluff begins to slowly choke the life out of the good name they’d made for themselves. Will they be able to prove their innocence or will the past of one unruly twin destroy all they’ve built?

5* Amazon Reviews:

-My first read by Robicheaux, won’t be my last. She managed to make 99 pages feel like a lifetime in the bayou. I took an immediate liking to Elvy, and how she was loved despite her peculiar ways that had a cause and also led her to her true love. Craig got what he deserved after giving Bette pure hell because he could. I hope to see or rather read more about this growing family. Great job, Trudy!!!-

-This book had me so enthralled and captivated, I couldn’t put it down. I finished it in a matter of hours. Then 2 weeks later, I read it AGAIN. Trudy is definitely an up and coming author straight out of small town Louisiana and I can’t wait to see more. I’m anxiously awaiting book two. Also, to meet the REAL Trudy Robicheaux, check out her FB page Author, Trudy Robicheaux. She seems like a ton of fun.-

-Good read! Made me nostalgic for the good old days back home!-

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