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On April 12th my blog was part of the Rave Review Book Club Blog Hop Party. For my posting I did a cover wars. You can see the original posting HERE. The winner was voted for by those who came out to take part in the blog hop. It is with great pleasure that I announce that Eileen Thornton’s cover for her book The Trojan Project won with the most votes.

  See the cover is really eye catching. So you can see why it received so many votes. But the competition was stiff with 11 other amazing book covers competing against it.

Synopsis of The Trojan Project

A peaceful night is disturbed as a strange light rises from behind the Cheviot Hills, and a green mist descends across the valley. Its swirling tendrils, seeming to bear a life of their own as they snake across the land, can only be an omen of something sinister and evil.

When Sarah’s husband fails to return from work, she and her children set out to search for him. A terrifying discovery awaits her in the valley below her home and before long, the family finds themselves caught up in a desperate search not only for her husband Pete, but also for the meaning of the green light.

Pursued by the military, she slowly begins to realize their lives are in mortal danger.

The Trojan Project is a conspiracy thriller that takes you into a nightmare world where no one is quite what they seem, and trust becomes a word with little meaning.

The Book and the Author

Eileen Thornton now lives in Kelso in the Scottish Borders. However she was born and brought up on Tyneside; the setting for her latest novel.
Though she only began writing in 2001, many of her short stories and article have appeared in several national magazines in the UK. But then she felt the urge to move on to writing something more gritty. The Trojan Project was her first novel and published in 2008. Out of 43 reviews this book holds 13 Five Star reviews and 10 Four Star reviews. Very nice amount of positive reviews for this story. Words like “suspenseful”, “rollercoaster ride” “griping” are just a few customers have used to describe this book.

If you are interested in learning more about Eileen Thornton and The Trojan Project visit her Amazon Page.


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