Book Review: The Pharaoh’s Destiny


Hatshepsut, the Great King’s Wife, is thrust into a world of intrigue and politics when her husband, Pharaoh Thutmose, dies suddenly, leaving Egypt with an heir who is barely two years old. The Queen must step into the role of leader, and there are few whom she can trust.

When Hatshepsut is crowned as Pharaoh, she grooms her daughter, Neferure, to take the place of heir, rather than Thutmose’s infant son from another woman. Neferure, though young, is still older than the boy who should by all rights be king.

The future of Egypt rests in the hands of a single woman, the most powerful woman in the ancient world. Can Pharaoh Hatshepsut’s people accept her unorthodox reign, and her plans to usurp the men’s place as rulers of a Kingdom, decreeing that only women are suitable leaders?

My Review: 5 Stars

This is the second book I have read by Markie Madden and I must say that she is quickly becoming my favorite author. I was allowed to read this great story the night before it was published. Let me tell you how excited and special I felt at that opportunity. Mind you though that excited and special still do not negate the fact that I am a very hard critic of books that I read. So when I say that this is a 5 star book trust me, the author and the book have earned it. I will do my best not to give any spoilers away in this review but so hard since I just want to tell you all about it. The book open’s with the tragic death of the Pharaoh. This leaves his wife Hatshepsut to determine what to do since the next in line for the throne is only 2 years old. The story takes you through her journey and her attempts to keep her kingdom safe and prosperous. The story takes you from the moment her husband/brother dies till the moment she dies. I must say that it was a wonderful journey to read full of love, tragedy, and lots of suspense. There were parts of the story that I did not like. That is only because they were so tragic and the author did such an amazing job bringing that tragedy to life. As a reader I could feel the same heartache the character was experiencing. It takes amazing skill to do that with a book and Markie Madden has that skill. I really enjoyed learning about ancient Egypt’s customs and culture. There were some shocking facts that thanks to the authors skill at bringing scenes to life, I will now have forever stuck in my head.  So grab a tissue and this book, then get ready to cry, laugh and rejoice through the life of Hatshepsut.

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