Book Review: Tight Spiral


Harry Smith had everything going for him: the first British quarterback in American college football – a star in the making. But when Harry collides with fate in a near-fatal accident, everything unravels.
Amy Carrington is a sports reporter in Leeds, England, who’d much rather report on life and fashion. But her boss has a brand new job for her – covering the rise of American football in Britain that might just skyrocket her career and change her life.
When Harry meets Amy for the first time at Wembley Stadium, he feels a connection that seemed to develop instantaneously between the two of them.
Amy knew he was the one right then and there!
After a whirlwind romance and success in their careers, Harry is offered a new team in a different country. Amy refuses to move and pleads with Harry to stay and find an alternative offer.
His sporting career was built on making the right choice in a split second. “The Double Option play.” Now he has two options in life. Be with Amy, or pursue his career thousands of miles apart from the woman he loves?
It’s the most important play of his life!

My Review: 4 Stars

I grabbed this book with my KU membership. It was a good read and there were several scenes that I really liked. First I must admit I was unsure about a romance novel written by a man. But Michael surprised me and delivered a really good book. I have read other sports romances before and most touch on the subject of the sport being played. However, this one I will say went on and on and  on about football. To me it was a bit too much. When football is the topic of conversation on one’s honeymoon it is a bit much. It seemed that the characters really never talked about anything that was not football or wine. I have never seen so many people who drink wine or speak of nothing but football. Even during the sex scenes references were made to football. It is a good book but be warned that there is not much else going on that does not involve football or wine. I would have liked to have seen more of the characters’ personalities outside of football or wine. One of the characters in the book Ben told Harry about a very deeply hurtful tragedy but then no sooner does he mention the tragedy then he sits down and they watch Sports and discuss Golf. Overall  though it was a still a good read, I just feel the author could have taken it to a higher level by giving the characters more than Football and Wine.

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